Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bell's Cherry Stout

Hello! It's the time of year for the high gravity beers and darker seasonals to start rearing their heads (nothing wrong with a big head on a beer - gets the gas out of the bottle, so it doesn't settle in your belly). I went to pick up some beer on Saturday, and I found a six pack of Bell's Winter White Ale. Only it had a Bell's Brown Ale and a single Cherry Stout in it. The Cherry Stout, I could keep, but I opted for a Two-Hearted Ale instead of keeping the Brown Ale.

But boy is this Cherry Stout nice. Pours like motor oil left in your car for 3 years. Pretty, red-brown head, and as you drink it, the lacing on the glass slowly disappears. Tastes of chocolate, coffee and cherries. It's very nice. Photo courtesy of this guy. That's not my Pac Man glass. Although, it is sort of cool.

It's not like you're gonna drink more than two of these in one session, and even then, two may be too many. But still, it's a nice little treat, especially during the winter season. You can actually buy a keg of this stuff. Definitely something to consider if I owned my own brewpub...

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