Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Honorable Mention for 2Wicky

So I responded to a question in the LinkedIn Homebrewer's forum about interesting beers you've brewed or somesuch.  Unfortunately, I was mistaken for someone else named Thierry in the post.  Whatever.  Here's the Drapeau Noir Siason (sic), otherwise known as my 2Wicky Saison Noire.  Hopefully, we'll hear back some tasting notes.  Might be a chance to brew this one again in 2012, but I really only want to brew a Belgian Dubbel this year.  But I will have to brew another beer with the yeast cake from that.


Ol'Edge Brewery said...

Sorry about the mix up, Jez. I have been traveling but will fix the reference in the post upon my turn. Great stuff and promise some tasting notes.

Manu said...
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