Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shoreline Mug Club Party

On Sunday, Shoreline Brewery held a party for the mug club members at Washington Park in Michigan City. We were wondering how they were going to get all the mugs over to the park without breaking them, because that would be unfortunate if someone's mug got broken. Sure, you could always get another mug, but since the mugs are so unique, it would be kind of sad if one did break.

No worries, once we got there everyone was drinking out of pint-sized white plastic cups. Made sense. They had a four keg set up with the Beltaine (Scottish Ale), Li-Ko-Ki-We (Kolsch), Queen Mum (Double IPA), and the Dim-Wit (Uh, Wit Ale).

Plus, they had all you can eat ribs and chicken, as well as a really good crab dip with some sweet crackers, and some pasta salad. I think there was some smoked salmon and chocolates for desert. My wife, at one point, asked Sam, the proprietor, what was for desert, and he said, "Beer."

There were two sets of bags (or for you rural Indianans, "cornhole") games set up, but other than that, it was set up for people to meet and talk to each other. It was a nice day, as well.

On a Busman's Holiday

Sporting New T-Shirts

The Gathering

Close Up


Sam The Brewer in Shades and Visor


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that you purchase the mugs and you can't even keep them, unless you move or something?

Some of those people look like they drink a lot of beer (thinking photo #2).

Jez said...

Yeah, you CAN keep the mugs. I was under the impression that you couldn't, but you can take them with you. If you don't pay the annual $35 fee, then you get to take your mugs home, otherwise, they stay at the bar.

Yeah, well, there were people of all sizes there. I don't ever remember saying beer drinkers were the most healthy people in the world.