Friday, November 2, 2007

And There's Beer...In the Fridge

Got a new small standard fridge for the basement. Primary purpose is for storing beer, and also allows a nice little annex to the freezer upstairs.

Got about 7 Spaten Oktoberfest in there, a New Holland Dragon's Milk bomber, a bomber of Three Floyd's Munsterfest, Dreadnaught, and Behemoth, and a bomber of the Stone Arrogant Bastard. What you can't see are two Magic Hat Fall Mystery Beers, and a big bottle of Dogfish Head Black and Blue in the door.

Over on the other side of the "cellar" I got 4 bottles of 2007 vintage Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout, a bottle of Stone Imperial Stout, and two bottles of Goose Island Pere Jacques. I doubt the Stone lasts much longer. I want to do a side-by-side comparison of it to a bottle of the Dark Lord. Maybe in December?

So whaddaya got in your fridge?


Anonymous said...

my fridge? i think there's two bottles of Sam Adams Octoberfest.

Oh, plus I have a half case of Octoberfest and a case of the Sam Adams Holiday Selection 'cellared' (i.e., sitting on the floor next to the stand mixer in the pantry).

Costco now has the Holiday Sampler case on sale for $19.95. Can't beat that.

Jez said...

I saw the Sam Adams Holiday Selection there a week ago. It took my like 2 months to get through that sixer of Honey Porter, though. I need it to get about 20 degrees colder during the day if I'm going to get into that stuff.

We need to talk, though. I'm definitely buying ingredients soon for the next homebrew round, an Indiana Porter, or should I say "Porter, Indiana?"